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Happy FamilyDr. Gray has helped dozens of couples conceive through TCM. With Traditional Chinese Medicine you can boost fertility naturally to guarantee your body is in the best condition to conceive.

TCM has been used for thousands of years to treat issues of reproductive health.

Women may experience symptoms of imbalance related to their menstrual cycle (irregular cycles, excessive cramping, PMS symptoms, heat/cold, abdominal bloating)  that may result in fertility difficulties affecting aspects of the reproductive cycle: egg production, hormonal imbalance, ovulation, implantation.  Similar energy disturbances in men may result in poor sperm production, shape, or motility. TCM helps restore balance by utilizing acupuncture, herbal formulas, nutritional supplements, diet and or lifestyle suggestions.

It can also help reduce stress, which is can affect fertility levels. Stress during any phase of the cycle can affect hormones released by the pituitary which can prevent the release of the egg,  or can cause the fine muscles of the fallopian tubes to tense and contract hindering free movement of the egg to the uterus. Stress can also reduce the level of hormone output so that it looks like ovulation has occurred but in fact it hasn’t.

In addition to using TCM treatments for fertility, whenever possible, eat organic whole fruits vegetables and hormone free meat and avoid environmental toxins, pollutants.

Dr. Gray has diet and supplement recommendations for both men and women to help raise the chances of conceiving.

Past studies with Fertility Expert Practitioners include: Randine Lewis, Jane Lyttleton and  with Cindy Micleu of the Jade Institute in Seattle, Wa.


I am affiliated with the IVF Acupuncture Group formed via Dr. Spence Pentland (YinStill, Vancouver) at the following link.  Excellent resources found at this site.

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