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Medical Qigong Healing Sounds


Sound Therapy has been used in China for thousands of years. One of their observations was that humans produce similar sound patterns in certain situations.  For example, after a tense situation, many people utter a sigh of relief which is the body’s way of releasing a particular type of energy due to emotional stress.  In Qigong, emphasis is placed on connecting the mind, breath, and imagination via sound, colour, breath and physical movement to both cleanse, nourish and tonify the organ systems.

In Qigong, the physical level of the body is called the Jing level. The second level, the mental/emotional level is called the Qi level and the third level, the Shen, is the spiritual layer of the body.  Healing of the Qi and the Shen  levels are essential in healing of the physical (Jing) body and are often ignored in modern medicine.

In Sound Therapy both the intonation and the volume of the sound are influential.  The loud volume strongly influences the jing , purging the physical tissues within the intended organ whereas the moderate sound  (i.e. a whisper) works with the mental/emotional (Qi) level and the inaudible, works with the Shen or spiritual level.

The following is a perfect example of a simple exercise in using the healing sound of the heart. This is an excerpt from the blog of Renee Miller, a fellow student of Medical Qigong.  The colour associated with the heart is pink…start with a vibrant pink (not red) and for this exercise Renee has suggested a bouquet of pink roses to help focus the colour in your imagination.  It is important to feel the vibration of sound in the actual organ and to focus your intent there.

From Renee’s blog…..

First, standing in front of your roses, exhale and sing ‘Ha’ out loud the full length of your breath.  Keep your eyes open as you sing and exhale.  On your inhale, imagine inhaling the colour of your roses directly into your heart.  Repeat the exhale saying ‘Ha’ out loud 6 times, and inhaling the colour of the roses 6 times.

Second, as you exhale your breath you are going to whisper ‘Ha’ the full length of your exhale. Keep your eyes open.  As you inhale, inhale the same pink colour of your roses, and imagine inhaling that colour directly into your heart.  Repeat  the exhale whispering “Ha” 6 times and inhaling the colour of your roses 6 times.

Finally, as you exhale your breath, you are going to imagine making the ‘Ha’ sound, but you won’t actually say anything. As you inhale, again imagine inhaling the colour of your roses into your heart. Repeat the imagined sound “Ha” 6 times, and inhaling the colour of your roses 6 times.

The eyes open exhale serves to purge sadness and sorrow from your heart, and the imagined colour pink helps to replenish and nourish your heart at all three levels of the heart’s existence.

Each of the ‘yin’ organs have associated healing sounds and colours and physical postures.

Our minds are powerful and busy and used with intention and focus make the invisible truly ‘visible’.

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